Deepen your understanding, expand your knowledge... workshop intensives led by your favourite YP instructors and special guests!



Talk on Yoga: the Functioning of the Mind with Ian Whicher

Friday December 1  /  7:00-8:30pm  /  Studios 1 & 2  /  $20 gst included

This is the first in a series of talks designed to ground students in a knowledge of yoga psychology and philosophy. With practice, yoga brings insight and understanding into how the mind works. Through the core teachings of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Dr. Whicher will discuss how this insight can be a key to freedom and well being. He will also lead the group in a brief meditation.

Ian Whicher is a professor in the Department of Religion at the University of Manitoba. He is passionate about the benefits of yoga psychology for individuals and the community at large and making this wisdom tradition available and accessible to a wider audience.


Healing Savasana with Monica Angelatos, Natasha Lenon & Serena Postel

Saturday December 2  /  1:00-3:00pm  /  Om Room  /  $50 Investment in Self

Join Monica, Natasha and Serena as they guide you through over two hours of deep relaxation. Enjoy this nourishing restorative practice which is offered with gentle healing adjustments to nurture, sooth and refresh body and mind. The beautiful vibration tones of quartz crystal singing bowls will ease your focus to rest inward.


2 hr Yoga Flow: not just a f#$!ing workout!
with Jaclyn Chestley & Lorna Parashin

Saturday December 9  12:45-3:00pm  /  Studios 1 & 2  /  Fee: $20 tax included

You're invited to the second 2 hour flow! Join Jaclyn & Lorna for a collaborative flow with hands on assists. Stay longer, go deeper. We will dive into some unfamiliar poses with playful transitioning, touch the breath in new territories, meditate, and speak yoga philosophy.

Welcome to all levels of experience and suitable for the student who is ready, enthusiastic and dedicated to take on deeper layers of the yoga discipline.

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Kirtan with Adrienne & David

Sunday December 10  / 6:00pm-7:30pm  /  Om room

Cost: $20 + gst

Join Adrienne Shum and David Quiring for an evening of Kirtan, a meditative practice of cultivating mindfulness through sound and breath. We will explore another side to the yoga practice beyond physical postures that can add a deeper dimension to your current practice. Enjoy the opportunity to experience the transformative power of live music, storytelling, and community in an intimate setting.

All are welcome and no experience is necessary! To get a taste of what a Kirtan is like, listen to Adrienne and David's live Kirtan albums at


Yin . Sound . Scent with Bonnie Schroeder & Narda Singh

Tuesday December 19  /  7:00-9:00pm  /  Studios 1 & 2  /  $40

This Solstice, when the days are the darkest and shortest, Nature invites us to slow down, draw inward to our own Light, listen to the whispers of our soul and gather strength and wisdom for the coming season of renewal and growth.

Join Narda and Bonnie for this multi-sensory, multi-dimensional healing experience.

Weaving together therapeutic Yin Yoga, the healing vibrations of Singing Bowls, custom-blended Aromatherapy Oils, Mindfulness and Subtle Energy support to help:
-open the meridian lines
-gently liberate the body from stress held in the fascia
-dissolve the thinking mind into a blissful state of relaxation and
-realign the Body+Heart+Mind with the deeper aspect of who you Are

Gift yourself with kindness this season and join Narda and Bonnie for this truly sacred embrace, helping you to reconnect, transform, and awaken.

Thank you, Bonnie and Narda, for your exquisite workshop offering. It is my favorite workshop to date. It was powerful! This would be one I would never miss.  ~Phillis


Talk on Yoga: Building a Buddha with Jonathan Austman

The aim of yoga is to bring the mind to a stable state that we may have a direct and uncoloured experience of the present moment. Referencing both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions Jonathan will discuss the field of consciousness and how we can work with the various aspects of the mind to bring clarity to our perceptions.

Friday January 12  /  7:00-8:30pm  /  Studios 1 & 2  /  $20 gst included

**This talk is included in the January 13 & 14 weekend course: Sparsha: the Art of Touch**


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Bonnie Schroeder

Living with Presence & Purpose
8 week course based on the highly acclaimed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program

8 Thursdays January 19-March 9  /  2:30-5:00pm  /  Om Room  / plus a full Day of Mindfulness urban retreat, date to be determined   

You will be guided through various forms of meditation, gentle yoga & other stress reduction practices, along with mindfulness and stress reduction teachings to help you better navigate your life, nurture deeper levels of peacefulness, enhance your abilities to cope with stress at home and at work, and cultivate a more mindful, balanced and meaningful life. Established by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, this program has undergone over 35 years of rigorous scientific research with such positive individual and workplace outcomes that it continues to be incorporated into staff wellness & leadership programs around the world.

Investment: $400 + gst  Includes full Day Of Mindfulness retreat. If you are ready but the cost of the course is holding you back, please email Bonnie at to explore other fee options.

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Discovering the Power Within with John Tozeland

WEEKEND COURSE: February 9, 10, 11

Friday 6:00-9:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 9:00am–5:00pm  

Studios 1 & 2  /  Fee: $350 + gst

**If you are interested but would like more information, please attend a FREE COURSE PREVIEW on Thursday February 1 / 7:00pm / Yoga Public**

This workshop is focused fully on personal transformation. Over time we store negative emotions and limiting beliefs in our bodies and minds, leading to a decrease of energy, a sort of sluggishness, and the loss of joy and excitement in our lives. This weekend workshop combines modern accelerated change technologies with the ancient Shamanic Wisdom of Hawaii to guide you in the release of pent up energies and the reconnection with your joyful self.

Participants will be guided by John as they process the healing in the privacy of their own minds.

In the world of those who walk their talk, John Tozeland is a giant. Whether he’s traversing the globe in search of the mysteries that abound, or braving immediate post 9-11 fears to share his knowledge with students in Dubai, or skillfully guiding one on a personal journey of self-discovery, the total congruency and focus with which this man walks the line is an inspiration. John possesses the wisdom to allow for many roads to the one truth and the grace to guide one on their own personal path. At first blush John twinkles with a contagious joie de vivre. And beneath that gift is a highly intuitive man who plants the seeds of empowerment everywhere he goes.

John Tozeland is a talented, generous, and inspired teacher - one who generates deep gratitude in your heart because if such a teacher has presented, then, indeed, the student must be ready. With just a 30 second conversation, he can gently plant a little seed that grows into such huge and beautiful changes in your life that there is no turning back - thankfully. John is nothing short of a gift in my life. ~Heather Bishop, CM, OM, Musician, Artist & Private Practitioner

John's course remains the best and most comprehensive I have taken yet." ~Richard Schwindt M.S.W., Social Worker

The unconscious mind is a storehouse of amazing personal power. To harness and master that power is life changing. John - you are an amazing gift to my life and the world. ~Debra Duncan