Deepen your experience, expand your knowledge... workshop intensives led by your favourite YP instructors and special guests!

Partner Thai Massage & Therapeutic AcroYoga with Monica Angelatos & Leslie Brown

Saturday February 17  /  5:00-8:00pm  /  $60 per person

Join Monica & Lesley for 3 hrs of Thai Massage & therapeutic AcroYoga. Cultivate connection, compassion, and letting go as you learn to give and receive this lazy yogi's practice.

Thai Massage is soothing, practiced fully clothed on a comfortable mat on the floor to help maintain normal range of motion and flexibility in the body. You will be guided in moving your partner through a series of yoga-like postures & Thai techniques to lengthen muscles, open joints and release connective tissues. Both partners will have the opportunity to give & receive.

The therapeutic flying of AcroYoga uses the principles of Thai Massage along with gravity to further release & decompress the body. With trust, spotters, and good technique, you will experience the passive inversions and assisted stretching of aerial massage. This dynamic healing practice is a playful way to bring communication and receptivity into balance.

No prior experience is required. Lesley & Monica will instruct you throughout the workshop and create a safe environment for you to explore these healing arts. Bring a partner with whom you feel comfortable being in close contact. You will leave the workshop with skills to enhance your yoga practice and tools on how to share it.


Yin. Sound. Scent. with Bonnie Schroeder and Narda Singh

Tuesday February 27  /  7:00-9:00pm  /  Studios 1 & 2  /  $40

Join Narda and Bonnie for this multi-sensory, multi-dimensional healing experience.

Weaving together therapeutic Yin Yoga, the healing vibrations of Singing Bowls, custom-blended Aromatherapy Oils, Mindfulness and Subtle Energy support to help:
-open the meridian lines
-gently liberate the body from stress held in the fascia
-dissolve the thinking mind into a blissful state of relaxation and -realign the Body+Heart+Mind with the deeper aspect of who you Are. Gift yourself with kindness - join Narda & Bonnie for this truly sacred embrace, helping you to reconnect, transform, and awaken.

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An Introduction to the Mysore style of Practice (Ashtanga Yoga) with Shivaun Berg

Saturday March 10 / 1:15-3:15pm / Studio 1

$25 workshop only  /  $50 workshop + 1 week Mysore March 11-16, 2018. Valid Sunday March 11 through Friday March 16 only!

Walking into a Mysore-style Ashtanga class for the first time can be intimidating. How does it work? Is it really 4 hours long? What if I forget what to do?

In this introductory workshop Shivaun will ease you into the practice and remove some of the mystery. She will provide background on the Ashtanga tradition and system of breathing and movement leaving space for discussion and questions. Working through a typical first day in a Mysore room, you will begin to see for yourself the benefits of this unique learning environment.

Perfect for the curious, for beginners, for new and current Mysore/Ashtanga students seeking to reaffirm and refine the basics.

No yoga experienced required .


Talk on Yoga: Overcoming Obstacles with Jonathan Austman

Friday March 23  7:00-8:30pm  /  $20 gst included

It can be difficult to maintain a regular yoga or meditation practice. In this talk Jonathan will shed new light on the problems and difficulties common to practitioners of yoga and meditation and how to overcome them.

Weekend Course: Ashtanga Yoga As It Is

Saturday, Sunday March 24, 25  /  9:00-12:00 & 1:00-3:00   /  $200 + gst

Includes the Friday night Talk on Yoga

Join Jonathan for an in depth look at the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga. This sequence of postures is called Yoga Chikitsa in Sanskrit, which means Yoga Therapy. It is meant to stabilize and open the body, to cleanse the organs of perception and digestion, to integrate the organs of action with their cores, and to cleanse our sinews and tissues in a progressive and therapeutic manner. Working within the framework of the Primary series we will see how bringing awareness to our breath and linking it with movement can have a beneficial and healing effect on our body and mind. Over the weekend we will break things down and learn ways to modify the postures that are most challenging to students. The Friday evening talk, Overcoming Obstacles, is included in the workshop fee. This workshop is suitable for all levels of student.

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Liberating our Experiencer with Dr. Ian Whicher

Friday March 9  7:00-8:30pm  /  Studios 1 & 2  /  Fee $19.05 + gst

The concept of selfhood or ego-identity is an activity, not an entity. Through the teachings of the Yoga Sutra, Dr. Whicher will discuss the significance of this distinction, setting the stage in practice for opening into the immediacy of our ever-present abiding nature as consciousness. He will also lead a brief meditation.