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Kirtan with Adrienne Shum & David Quiring

Sunday December 16  /  6:00-7:30 pm  /  $20 + gst  /  Om Room

Join Adrienne Shum and David Quiring for an evening of Kirtan, a meditative practice of cultivating mindfulness through sound and breath. We will explore another side to the yoga practice beyond physical postures that can add a deeper dimension to your current practice.

Kirtan uses mantras to develop awareness and equanimity. Mantras are short repetitive phrases, and while they might seem esoteric at first, we are all already repeating mantras to ourselves - but usually they are negative things like, “I’m not worthy” or “I don’t belong.” We need to hit the reset button, and practice helps with that. Recalibrate yourself with traditional mantras that call in compassion, love, and understanding. 

All are welcome and no experience is necessary! Enjoy the opportunity to be transformed through the power of live music, storytelling, and community in an intimate setting. All you need is to come prepared to sit (chairs will be available) and soak it all in.

To get a taste of what a Kirtan is like, listen to Adrienne and David's live albums at

About David and Adrienne: as partners in life, they are also partners in practice. With a cumulative 20 years of personal practice and teaching, they are dedicated to offering yoga in its various forms as a path of waking up to eachother and the world we share.


Yoga + Psychology: Move your body to balance the mind with Rachelle Taylor

Series of four chakra-informed workshops. Intention to balance body + mind through movement, meditation and pranayama practices. Each practice will be infused with music, oils, and hands-on adjustments. Come to the ones that call you. 

4 part-workshop series in the new year: Saturdays 1:00-3:00pm Jan 26, Feb 16, Mar 2 & 16 / Single workshop $35 + gst, Series $110 + gst

  • January 26: I am ROOTED :: Find your footing. Grounding through the feet, legs, and pelvis we will connect more deeply with our connection to the moment, rooting into the earth element. Designed with intention to cultivate a safe space to release fear for ones living in their heads instead of the moment. 

  • February 16: I am JOYFUL :: Expressive freedom flow. Wading through the hips and groins, we will move and play to brighten the bits that feel murky and steep in the spaces that feel stuck. Designed with intention to create a space to release the guilt surrounding pleasure and enjoyment for ones who have trouble releasing control and crave more fluidity in the way they approach life.

  • March 2: I am STRONG :: Stoke the flame. Drawing into on the power of the core, we will ignite our practice with twists and arm balances to illuminate feelings of motivation, strength, and belief in self. Designed with intention to create a warm space to burn away feelings of shame and light the inner spark of aliveness for ones feeling stuck, low or uninspired.

  • March 16: I am OPEN :: Bring into balance. Expanding through the heart, arms and neck, we will open up to receive breath more fully to find a sense of equilibrium and receptivity. Designed with intention to create an open space opening up to surrender and release greif.