Deepen your experience, expand your knowledge... workshop intensives led by your favourite YP instructors and special guests!


Yoga + Psychology: Move your body to balance the mind with Rachelle Taylor

Series of chakra-informed workshops. Intention to balance body + mind through movement, meditation and pranayama practices. Each practice will be infused with music, oils, and hands-on adjustments. Come to the ones that call you. 

Saturdays 1:00-3:00pm Feb 16, Mar 2 & 16 / Single workshop $35 + gst

  • February 16: I am JOYFUL :: Expressive freedom flow. Wading through the hips and groins, we will move and play to brighten the bits that feel murky and steep in the spaces that feel stuck. Designed with intention to create a space to release the guilt surrounding pleasure and enjoyment for ones who have trouble releasing control and crave more fluidity in the way they approach life.

  • March 2: I am STRONG :: Stoke the flame. Drawing into on the power of the core, we will ignite our practice with twists and arm balances to illuminate feelings of motivation, strength, and belief in self. Designed with intention to create a warm space to burn away feelings of shame and light the inner spark of aliveness for ones feeling stuck, low or uninspired.

  • March 16: I am OPEN :: Bring into balance. Expanding through the heart, arms and neck, we will open up to receive breath more fully to find a sense of equilibrium and receptivity. Designed with intention to create an open space opening up to surrender and release grief. 


Stoking the Inner Fire: An Integration of Yoga & Ayurveda for Healing the Digestive System with Adrienne Shum

Sunday March 3 SOLD OUT! / 3:00-5:00pm / $50 + gst / Om room

According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, the key to health and longevity is a strong digestive fire, or Agni. Learn how the harmonizing practices of Ayurveda and yoga can be tailored to stoke our inner fire through postures, breathwork, meditation, and simple daily rituals.

Discover ways to:
- Eliminate sluggishness, lethargy, cloudiness

- Support physical, mental and emotional digestion

- Improve Agni to increase energy and motivation

- Burn off the old to make space for the new

Part-yoga class, part-discussion, come prepared to dig deeper into the ways we can aid our amazing bodies in doing what they do, resulting in clarity and resilience. Uncover daily habits that will last a lifetime and tap into your internal rhythms and inherent healing power. 

Please note that it is best to come with an empty stomach to experience maximum benefit from the healing practices we will do (ie avoid eating for 2-3 hours prior to the workshop). Each workshop participant will take home a carefully crafted kit made by Adrienne that will contain tools to support their ongoing healing practice. For more information on Adrienne and her teaching background, please visit

Yoga & EMDR Therapy: a trauma sensitive yoga therapy group with Narda Singh and Kelly Penner Hutton

Are you experiencing overwhelming anxiety, depressed mood, relationship difficulties, eating issues, or effects of posttraumatic stress disorder?
We have the therapeutic yoga group for you!

Begins tomorrow: 5 Fridays February 15 to March 15  /  2:00-3:45pm  /  $375 + gst

Kelly Penner Hutton is a Registered Psychologist and her services may be covered under some health insurance plans

Narda Singh, M.A., RCC, E-RYT and Kelly Penner Hutton, Ph.D, C.Psych 

Narda Singh is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is an Experienced and Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher, & has training in EMDR Therapy.

Dr. Kelly Penner Hutton is a Registered Clinical Psychologist who specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders. She is a Certified EMDR Therapist.

Both facilitators are skilled in individual and group therapy as well as Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and EMDR Therapy, evidence-based therapies used to effectively decrease symptoms of stress and trauma.

Join Kelly and Narda for a group focused on effective strategies to deal with the affects of trauma. During times of stress the brain’s natural way of processing information is blocked. This means that a traumatic or negative experience becomes stuck, leading to symptoms such as anxiety and depressed mood as well as re-experiencing of the event even though it is over and time has gone by.

This group is focused on understanding the affects of trauma and the symptoms you are experiencing, as well as learning effective strategies for managing symptoms. During the group you will learn strategies from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy (M-CBT), and yoga. You will be introduced to the window of tolerance, be provided with education regarding stress and trauma, learn to re-connect with your body through yoga, and experience the present moment through the use of coping strategies.

Research has shown that yoga is an effective adjunctive tool for the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Each group session will be split into three components

1. Guided instruction and introduction of coping strategies

2. Group discussion and support

3. Trauma-sensitive yoga (45 minutes)

What is trauma sensitive yoga?

The basic principles of yoga are honoured taking into consideration how traumatic experiences may impact ones experience with yoga. We adjust the experience to make it more user-friendly, comfortable, and to promote a feeling of safety. Yoga is a somatic approach to healing that is essential in recovering from traumatic experiences. Both Narda and Kelly are experienced therapists and understand the need for flexibility in the application and practice of yoga as well as the physical nature of trauma (i.e., trauma is stored in the body). We will adjust our approach based on feedback from group members.

Some aspects that we consider are:
We create a safe container for practicing yoga through the set up process and physical layout of participants in the class
The pace, cuing, and sequencing of the class is adjusted
Clear boundaries are set regarding touch and adjustments
Confidentiality and safety regarding self-disclosure
The individual is considered the expert of their own experience
A focus on inner resourcing
Participants are encouraged to dress modestly and comfortably
Yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations are utilized that support self-regulation

Valentines Day Thai Massage & Partner Yoga with Monica Angelatos & Lesley Brown

Happy Valentines Day, Darlings! Let’s Celebrate Love!

Today, February 14  /  6:45-8:45pm  /  Studios  1 & 2 / $40 + gst per person ($80 per couple)

Celebrate Valentines Day with a workshop focused on connection and compassionate movement.

Join Monica Angelatos and Lesley Brown for 2 hours of guided practice to help you connect physically and emotionally with a partner or friend.

Partner yoga offers an opportunity to support each other and playfully move through a yoga flow together.

Afterwards, let go with a guided Thai Massage sequence. You will experience this soothing sequence twice, both as a giver and receiver, with your partner.

Thai Massage is performed fully clothed, on a comfortable mat on the floor, no oils or lotions are used. Please dress in layers, choosing clothes in which you can move comfortably that do not restrict your range of movement.

This all levels workshop is for everyone. No prior experience with yoga or Thai Massage is needed to enjoy. This is not exclusively for couples, please register with a friend whom you feel comfortable being in close contact with.

Yoga Talk: Many Paths, One Mountain with Jonathan Austman

Friday February 22 7:00-8:30pm / Studios 1 & 2 / $20 gst included

So many forms of practice. Which one is the right one? All practice is good if followed and expressed well. Whether it's religion, meditation, yoga or whatever else that inspires you to be kind, thoughtful and compassionate in your daily life, practice it! In this talk Jonathan will discuss the deep core of practice that is common to all traditions. 

Satsang is a sanskrit word meaning “in the company of truth, in the company of good company.” It is a community gathering for the purpose of sharing knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Join us!

Sparsha: Touch, Adjustments & Assists with Jonathan Austman

Saturday, Sunday February 23 & 24  /  9:00-12:00pm & 1:00-4:00pm  /  Om Room  / $225 + gst

Adjustments are an integral part of the process of learning how to approach our yoga practice. The guidance of the teacher comes as words, demonstrations and touches, each offering a new insight into practice.

In this weekend intensive, we will learn and practice a wide range of adjustments and assists to cultivate a greater experience of ease and joy in our yoga practice. Working with partners we will explore and expand our ability and sensitivity both at giving and receiving touch in order to be more effective as yoga practitioners and teachers. 

This workshop is for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students interested in a deeper understanding of the subtleties of yoga practice and in refining their ability to "see" what assists or adjustments may be appropriate for each student's ability and circumstance. All serious yoga practitioners and teachers are welcome to attend. 

Workshop registration includes:

Talk on Yoga: Many Paths, One Mountain, Friday February 22, 7:00-8:30pm and

Saturday, Sunday February 23 & 24, 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:00

Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Course with Bonnie Schroeder

Wednesdays March 6-April 24 / 6:15-8:45pm / Om Room

living with
with Bonnie Schroeder

8 week course based on the highly acclaimed

Plus a full Day of Mindfulness urban retreat Sunday April 13  /  1:00-7:00pm with a pre-retreat session from 10:30-12:00pm  /  1476 Portage Ave (open to the public for $95 + gst)

You will be guided through various forms of meditation, gentle yoga & other stress reduction practices, along with mindfulness and stress reduction teachings to help you better navigate your life, nurture deeper levels of peacefulness, enhance your abilities to cope with stress at home and at work, and cultivate a more mindful, balanced and meaningful life. Established by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, this program has undergone over 35 years of rigorous scientific research with such positive individual and workplace outcomes that it continues to be incorporated into staff wellness & leadership programs around the world.

Investment: $420 + gst includes full Day of Mindfulness retreat. If you are ready but the cost of the course is holding you back, please email Bonnie at to explore other fee options.