Deepen your experience, expand your knowledge... workshop intensives led by your favourite YP instructors and special guests!


Advanced Intensive with Jonathan Austman

April 28, 29  /  9:00-12:00pm & 1:00-3:00pm  /  $225 + gst

This weekend workshop will be a highly detailed exploration of movement, postures and breath. We will look deeply into the actions and counter actions that bring stability and ease to a wide range of yoga postures. From sun salutations to headstands, twists to arm balances we will learn how to keep our breath, bodies and minds moving towards the full expression of the pose at hand. Join us for an intensive weekend of practice, an opportunity to learn and integrate subtle and powerfully transformative techniques into your practice.

This workshop is designed for yoga teachers and highly dedicated students of yoga. It is not suitable for beginners.


Talk on Yoga with Dr. Ian Whicher: Yoga as Awakened Consciousness

Friday May 4  7:00-8:30pm  /  $20 gst included

In this talk, Dr. Whicher expands on the theme of bringing the true self or experiencer into conscious awareness. Drawing on the Yoga Sutra, he will discuss how this liberated self, released from habitual patterns of mistaken identity, is free to experience life in its own power. 

Ian Whicher is a professor in the Department of Religion at the University of Manitoba. He is interested in the practical applications of yoga philosophy and psychology and in making this wisdom tradition available and accessible to a wider audience.

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Traveler's Guide to Inversions with Nadia El-Gabalawy

Saturday June 9 12:00-2:30pm / $50 + gst / Studios 1 & 2

This workshop will focus on the safe, progressive steps required to learn and stabilize inversions. We will explore body positions, entering and exiting inversions and variations for every stage of learning.

As we travel through progressions a strong foundation will be built, upon which any student can improve their strength and continue to challenge themselves. Inversions improve physical strength throughout the entire body and provide an exciting series of poses to travel through. There is no ending to the journey of inversions; once the muscle memory is established in the body, students can take their inversion practice to any level they desire. We will explore a variety of inversions, including headstands with multiple arm positions, handstands and proper execution of these more challenging poses. In order to attain a safe and strong foundation, we will use drills that can be practiced, improved upon and are the stepping stones of advanced inversions.

We will start where you're at and begin a journey of building confidence, strength and stability. A stable body and a focused mind; a travelers guide to greater well-being.

It is recommended that students have experience doing basic inversions prior to attending; experience with arm balances will also be an asset to this workshop.


Yoga on Talk: The Dance of Prana with Jonathan Austman

Friday June 8  /  7:00-8:30pm  / $20 gst included

Everything is prana. Through storytelling and textual reference Jonathan will discuss the many forms of prana and how they influence our experience of being human.

Pranayama Intensive: Harnessing the Breath

Saturday & Sunday June 9 & 10  /  9:00-12:00pm  &1:00-3:00pm  /  $225 + gst

Over this weekend we will explore and practice the fundamental components of yogic breathing, bringing greater awareness to how the movements of breath influence both mind and body. The internal and external forms of breathing, philosophical references to the breath and specific pranayama techniques, including the conquerors breath (ujjayi), splitting the breath (viloma), and equal/unequal parts breathing (sama vritti/visama vritti), will be will be discussed and practiced. Find greater depth in your yoga practice through learning to breathe with mindfulness and skill.

This workshop is suitable for students with at least one years experience practicing yoga.

The Friday evening Yoga Talk, The Dance of Prana, is included in the workshop fee.