Deepen your experience, expand your knowledge... workshop intensives led by your favourite YP instructors and special guests!

Clouds and Bubbles with Nadia El-Gabalawy

Saturday June 22  /  12:30-2:30pm  / Studios 1 & 2

Early Bird Price by May 31: $45 + gst

Price after May 31: $55 + gst

This workshop is a medley of gentle yoga and guided meditation practice. All students are welcome; suitable for all levels. Relax, increase vitality and enhance well-being!
The full practice will be on a Yoga Bubble. Yoga Bubbles, produced by Waff Studios, is the newest form of exercise and movement equipment. On a giant cloud of your own, each student will drop deeply inward, stimulating their own internal energy through gentle yoga poses. The practice will cultivate an expansion of awareness; both inward and outward.

Guided meditation practice will be supported with hemi-sync sound technology, produced by the Monroe Research Institute. Hemi-sync combines different wavelengths of sound to assist the brain in achieving altered states of consciousness and deep relaxation. Practicing with the mind awake and the body asleep on your personal cloud, this workshop is for anyone looking to restore, heal and experience a relaxation of the total self.

Nadia El-Gabalawy is a licensed instructor for Waff Studios, located in Malibu California. Waff is used by many professional athletes to increase focus, gain energy through deep relaxation and enhance stability of the mind, body and spirit. Nadia is a certified yoga teacher and has been a student of meditation for over a decade; she has worked with both hemi-sync (hemisphere synchronization) and SAM (spatial angle modulation) sound technology. She has dedicated her adult life to studying biomechanics, science, exercise modalities and expansion of human consciousness. Her dedication to meditation and yoga practice has allowed her to bring in many useful resources to support students in having the most beneficial experience possible.

Inversions with Lorna Parashin

Sunday June 30  /  1:00- 3:00pm  / Studio 1 & 2

Investment: $37 + gst

Inversions are sacred medicine for your mind, body, and soul. Once you have inversion postures to practice, they are yours for life. In this workshop yogis will carefully practice the challenging yet accessible steps into headstand, shoulderstand, and variations. Yogis will use props, hands on assists, and the wall to learn an inversion building sequence of postures suitable for their unique circumstance to take home and practice independently.

Arm Balances with Lorna Parashin

Wednesday July 3  /  5:00-7:00pm  / Om Room

Investment: $37 + gst

Arm balances channel inner confidence, discipline, and stamina. BAKASANA - crow is the first arm balance to master! Once a yogi takes flight in crow, there is limitless potential to learn variations of crow and other arm balances. In the workshop yogis will prepare for lift off into crow and similar arm balances with the use of the wall, props, and Lorna’s hands on assists.  Take the sequence of postures home to practice independently until your toes float of the floor. Prepare for very deep core connections, empowerment and inspiration in these two hours that will maximize how you practice.