Yoga Teacher Trainings

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Restorative Teacher Training with Monica Angelatos

Saturdays and Sundays  April 13, 14, 27, 28 / 9:00-5:00pm / $400 + gst

Learn to effectively and safely teach Restorative Yoga. The Method of Restorative Yoga, 20 hour Teacher Training with Monica Angelatos is a multi-faceted and rich exploration that informs a personal study as well as provides invaluable teaching tools for yoga teachers. 

This training will allow you to experience the joys and benefits of a Restorative practice through a first-hand experience of the postures, learning hands-on adjustments and how to teach students of all levels and sizes and with any types of limitations. You will deepen your level of compassion as well as our ability to communicate, while gaining the confidence to safely touch and adjusting your students for maximum support. 

Through direct experience, practice teaching, and feedback, you’ll leave with the ability to confidently sequence your own class through a primary series of restorative poses and will have a manual with pictures to support this.  Additionally, Monica and Natasha share three of their favourite restorative “go to” sequences which are effective for deep and long lasting healing; leaving your students feeling refreshed, clam, and with a deep sense of wellbeing. 

This training is open to yoga teachers and serious students from all styles. A certificate of completion will be issued to students that attend all sessions and that fulfill course requirements. 

Key concepts

  • Comprehensive restorative pose breakdowns

  • Principals and alignment for restorative yoga 

  • Modifications, adjustments, 

  • How to work with different body sizes, shapes, abilities

  • The art of touch

  • Making use of available props

  • The art of seeing and reading bodies

  • How/when to introduce a restorative pose into an active class

  • Common teaching obstacles and how to overcome them

  • Understanding the nervous system and how to access it for healing the body

  • Three complete restorative yoga sequences

  • Course Manual


Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Monica Angelatos

Friday May 3, 5-9pm; Saturday May 4 & Sunday May 5, 8-5pm   
Saturday May 11 & Sunday May 12, 8-5pm  
Saturday May 25 & Sunday May 26, 8-5pm

Deposit: $300, Balance: $1000 Total Cost: $1300 + gst
Must complete 40 contact hours and 20 distance hours to earn a 60hour YYTT Certification  

Learn to teach Yin Yoga  
With the increasing demands of our fast paced lives, stress is a major factor on our health. Stress manifests in the body and mind in various ways, leading to fatigue, ailment, and even disease. The practice of Yin Yoga is becoming more and more recognized by health and wellness experts for maintaining good health and restoring a sense of well-being.  
Yin Yoga is a therapeutic practice that has transformative effects on that body and mind. The gentle but consistent stimulation of the connective tissue encourages long-term health and flexibility of the joints, recharges the energetic system of the body, and naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative state. It also prepares the body and mind for longer meditation practices.  
This training is designed for teachers and dedicated practitioners with at least two years of experience. Prior experience in Yin Yoga is not required; however, you need a keen interest in the subjects of Anatomy, Qi Theory, Philosophy, and Meditation. Aspiring Yin teachers will gain the skills and knowledge to confidently teach series of set sequenced classes with special focus on target areas such as hips, hamstrings, and quads.  

Key Concepts covered  
• 14 joint segment analysis  
• Tension and compression  
• Skeletal variation  
• 4 myofascial compartments of the thigh  
• 6 myofascial compartments of the torso  
• 3 layers of a joint  
• Muscle contraction  
• Fascial contracture  
• Theory of exercise  
• 26 poses  
• Sequencing, transitioning and counter poses  
• Assisted Yin Yoga  
• Variations of poses  
• Props and adjustments  

Graduate Testimonials  
As a Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher I was drawn to Yin Yoga to learn how to heal people but also to teach them how to heal themselves... I have weaved the asanas into my students practice to help them reap the benefits of Yin Yoga, such as keeping them in emotional and physical balance.    -Joanne Scott  

I'd highly recommend Monica's The Science of Yin Yoga 60-hour certification program for any and all Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners wanting to take their Yoga knowledge and practice to the next level. My participation in Monica's 60-hour course helped me deeper dive into Yoga philosophy, anatomy, and also gain a better understanding of our our fascial network.  -Derek Pang  

Monica puts her heart and soul into her teaching and can inspire and teach both beginners and advanced teachers and students. She creates a very supportive, caring environment in which to learn and is always available for questions and help even ongoing after the course has ended.  -Annette Wolf  

Sample Day  
• Meditation  
• Yin Practice  
• Lecture  
• Teaching Practice  
40 contact hours, 20 distance hours. Course manual, assignments and quizzes will be provided.  

Course Outline  
THE THEORY: Yin and Yang. the dynamic duo.  
• By understanding the profound relationship between yin and yang, we gain deeper insight into how to live, work, practice, and heal with greater skill and harmony.  
• Yin Yoga: Who, what, where and why?  

THE PRACTICE: Posture lab:Teaching methodology  
• Yin yoga postures demonstrated, observed, & discussed.  
• How to sequence a class skillfully.  
• Includes practice and teaching time. Receive and give supportive feedback in teaching style. What makes a good teacher and how to bring ‘you’ into your teaching while holding space for your students.  
• How to adapt the practice for different bodies, experience levels, themes, and contraindications.  

THE BODY: Anatomy & Physiology:  Understanding the systems.  
• Yin & Yang aspects of the body (tissues, organs, systems, and energy)  
• Understanding connective tissue: fascia, bones, joints and ligaments and how they influence our practice, movement, and over all health.  

THE MIND: Mindfulness Meditation: Quieting the mind.  
• Understanding why and how to meditate. Most recent research and practical benefits.


200 hr Foundations Yoga Teacher Training Program with Jonathan Austman

8 Weekends September - November 3, 2019

(No Classes Oct 12 & 13)

Jonathan Austman has been training and certifying Yoga Teachers since 2000 when he and Cynthia Funk developed and established the highly regarded Evolving Spirit Yoga Teacher Training program at The Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto. Since 2006 he has been offering annual Yoga Teacher Trainings in Winnipeg. His trainings provide students the foundational skills to teach yoga classes in a wide variety of styles, formats and venues. Graduates of the program teach yoga to diverse groups, adapting their own explorations and experiences of the subtleties of yoga practice and theory to suit the situation at hand. Jonathan’s intention is to provide students with an engaging, expansive and practical experience of yoga as a whole. Upon completion of the program students will have gained practical knowledge and useful experience in the following areas:

◦ Introductory Functional Anatomy through an in depth introduction to asana, pranayama, meditation, bandhas, trishtana (three places of attention)

◦ A contemporary view of Yoga Theory, History, Philosophy and the Eight Limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga.

◦ The practical skills necessary for sequencing and teaching a Beginners Yoga Class, including verbal instruction, how to use demonstration, props and modifications, teaching Meditation and Pranayama, assisting/adjusting techniques and the Sanskrit pronunciation of poses. 

◦ Meditation through the simplicity and depth of Anapanasati (awareness of breath).

◦ How to adapt practice methods and sequencing to suit diverse groups.

◦ Chants from the Yoga tradition.

Summary of Requirements

In-class component: 110 hours

Class Observations: 4 classes (5 hours)

Personal Practice: 20 classes (25 hours)

Reading and Homework: 60 hours

Fall Session 2019 - 8 Weekends

September 07/08, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29, October 05/06, 19/20, 26/27, November 2/3

Saturdays 9:00am–4:00pm & Sundays 9:00am–4:00pm


Tuition includes:

◦ Teacher Training Workshops

◦ Teacher Training Manual

$3600 + gst

A deposit of $600 + gst is due upon acceptance to reserve a spot in the program.

The balance owing of $3000 + gst is due one week prior to the start of your session.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made once the program has started will be subject to a $100 + gst administration fee. The amount refunded will be pro-rated based on the number of hours attended, less the administration fee.



Q - What type of yoga is your program based on?

A - This Teacher Training program is based upon the Ashtanga Vinyasa style of practice.

Q - Will I receive a certificate as an Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher?

A - Upon completion of the Foundations Teacher Training program, students will receive a certificate stating a completion of the Foundations 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Jonathan Austman at Yoga Public.

Q - Can I attend the program if I don’t want to be a teacher, just looking to develop my practice?

A - Students who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Yoga practice, philosophy, theory and history are encouraged to attend the 200hr Foundations program. There is always a variety of people, backgrounds and motivations for engaging in the program. All are welcome!

Q - If I live out of town, can I complete some of my requirements at my home studio?

A - Yes. Students who live outside of Winnipeg who wish to attend this Teacher Training program may complete some of the requirements at their home studio. This will be decided upon on an individual basis.

Q - How much experience do I need to attend your program?

A - We recommend you have at least 1 year of experience with yoga. If you do not have this experience we will still consider you for the program. No matter how long you have been practicing or what level you are at, you and your yoga practice will benefit from attending the program.

Q - Do I need to be proficient in poses like headstand and other advanced poses to attend the program?

A - It is not essential to be proficient in advanced poses or any poses. Students come to this Teacher Training program at all levels of experience. Part of the aim of the program is to teach you the fundamentals of practice so you can work towards more advanced poses.

Q - Are books and materials included in the cost of the program?

A - A training workbook/manual is included in the program and will be received on the first day of the program. Other required books are not included in the cost of the program.

Q - Is the cost of the 20 required classes included in the tuition?

A – No, there is a special pass available for the teachers in training, $110 for 20 classes. Each trainee may purchase one of these passes.