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TRX Classes are a very efficient full body workout and different from yoga. TRX classes allows for the use of multiple planes of motion and works multiple muscles and joints simultaneously. Traditional weight training often only works one muscle at a time and the TRX forces you to use normal coordinated muscle effort, used to complete most everyday activities. Plus the TRX is fun and different and we promise you won't be bored.

Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™,a performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. TRX classes are 25 and 45 minutes unless otherwise specified.

Look for the star to recognize a beginner-friendly class!

TRX Suspension Training

Each TRX Class is an efficient full body workout; TRX is not yoga but an amazing cross-training method to use alongside yoga. Click here for more info on TRX.

TRX Fundamentals

New to TRX? This class is for you. Learn or build upon the TRX fundamental movements that will take you the next level using your own bodyweight!

-All Levels

TRX Endurance

Put your body to the test! A high intensity mix of cardio and strength-based exercises that will test your endurance capabilities. The music will be pumping, the sweat will be pouring and you'll feel amazing afterwards.

-Level 1-2

TRX Core

Train your core hard to build a foundation for functional fitness. Every part of your core (abs, back and hips) will be feeling it as you improve stability, posture and overall structural performance.

-Level 1-2

TRX Strength

This total body strength training class will improve your posture and strengthen your deep core. Build a stronger body while working hard and having fun!


This TRX class is guaranteed to make you sweat! Burn energy and boost your metabolism while building strength and endurance in this fast paced total body circuit!

TRX/KB Fundamentals

Not on the schedule yet but coming soon! TRX/Kettle Bell Fundamentals is the perfect class for beginners to TRX and Kettle Bell training. Learn proper alignment and movement patterns while increasing your mobility, muscular endurance and strength!

TRX Stability

Improve your mobility and stability in this combination class. Learn to activate your stabilizers and enhance your range of motion with control.

-Level 1-2

TRX Boot Camp

TRX Bootcamp is a blend of your favourite TRX exercises, as well as medicine balls, kettle bells and more! This challenging class offers variety and will keep you coming back.

-Level 2-3

Advanced Boot Camp

Reach your full potential in this challenging TRX class. This powerhouse workout uses advanced exercises like handstands and pistol squats. Guaranteed to make you feel it the next day.

Intermediate or advanced users only.

-Level 3