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Why I Love Yoga!

"Yoga Public is truly an amazing facility that provides the perfect balance between with Power, Strength and Balance of TRX with the Calmness, Focus and Inner Peace of Yoga. YP has assembled an amazing group of instructors who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do which flows directly into every class where they strive to help each student achieve what it is they are looking for that day. "

- David

"I have had various gym/fitness memberships in the past and never made use of a membership the way I do at Yoga Public: 5 days a week - 8 classes minimum! Since it opened 5 months ago, I have become hooked on TRX; not to mention that yoga has become a critical part of my life - and I didn't see that coming! All of this is due to the incredibly patient, talented and knowledgeable staff at Yoga Public who teach and guide us expertly through our practices."

- Barb Neaman Swan

"I have been a member since the get go, a brutally cold day in January 2012. Since that moment it has been such a positive experience for me. I found Yoga Public to be a peaceful place, and I have enjoyed every class I attended. There a many more I would like to try and that is my goal for the future. In the meanwhile I am doing restorative (with extraordinary capable and caring teachers as Leslie and Natasha), Hot Yin (my dear Narda and Sandy), Yoga on the Wall (Serge, you are a master), and TRX (thank you Sam, Arlen and Kate) I also enjoyed Ashtanga with Adrianne and Mysore with Jonathan. And last, my favorite class: Kyma, a mix of Thai auto-massage and meditation with Serge and Alexandre. I have no words to describe my Kyma experience, other than that are healing for the body, soul and mind, one of the best things that Y.P. has to offer.

The facility itself is a pleasure to be in, the hot room is exceptional, the temperature is right, the lighting is beautiful, and the atmosphere is perfect. I like the showers and the magnetic lockers, and the fact that there is hardly ever a line to take a shower, at least when I happened to be there, which is by the way close to six days a week. I find easy to come every day; I am very fond of the way I can schedule classes in advance through the website, and also cancel them when I need to do that; that allows me to know in advance when I have a class so I won't commit to some other activity in its place.

I like the idea of the introductory pass, which allows you to have a real taste of the place and is perfect as a gift for someone you love. YP is a great place to meet with your own friends to take a class together, and also a great place to treat your own kids when they visit you from out of town. I like the combination of Yoga and TRX, which is perfect match. I like the fact that there are a lot of different types of yoga offered, and you really don't need to be fit or knowledgeable. I like that I don't have to bring towels or shampoo or anything like that. It is a "spa" experience. I like that I ended up being familiar with downtown, a neighborhood I was not familiar with and that now I can negotiate with no problem. It has been for me a real Yoga Playground.

Thank you for making Yoga Public a reality I can enjoy everyday."

- Aida

"As I returned home today from Yoga Public, on this, my 100th day of consecutive Yoga, I feel grateful beyond belief, and a strong need to give thanks.

Prior to coming to YP, I had tried a variety of other studios, but never quite felt at 'home'. Considering how much time I wanted to spend on my practice, this aspect was important to me. Unlike with other Yoga studios, YP offered such a vast array of classes and times, I thought, "I need to check this place out". From the moment I entered the space and was greeted by a well informed and easygoing staff member, I began to get inkling that this may well be the place for me. Once my tour was complete, I knew I had to give this a try. I jokingly said to my 'tour guide,' "You had me at the complimentary mat and towel service & rain showers!"

The moment I entered my first class, the jitters and insecurities slowly began to dissipate. I remember walking out with a feeling of 'knowing' I was in the right place. Whether its Hot Yin, The Yoga Wall, KYMA or a Meditation class, each teacher and program feels innately geared to all who enter the studio. The consistency of pertinence and care shown by the YP staff enables this 'newbie,' the confidence to feel like I can try virtually anything, that all is open to me, that whatever the goal, they will be there to help me achieve it. Each day, whether I arrive in good spirits or not, I immediately am elevated by the kindness and professionalism of the staff and environment. Once the automatic glass doors open and I walk back out, into my life again, I know that I have learned something new, not only in my practice but about myself and that I will be sustained... Until next time!

I entered Yoga Public over three months ago with the very large goal of eliminating my chronic illnesses, by doing the practice of Yoga each and everyday... For the next 365 days. At no point did any staff member ever not take my goal and I seriously, if anything they were, and are as determined as I am to "Yoga Me Healthy". My newly attained confidence has not only affected my health in a profound way, but my life overall. It's a shame we have no mountains on the prairies, for if we did, I would be the first one to climb to the top and shout it out for all to hear, "Get down to Yoga Public, It'll Change Your Life!""

- Nancy