Karma & Community

Karma: literally, action or doing

You reap what you sow. It all comes back around. The sanskrit word karma is used commonly, referring to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where one's intent and actions influence an outcome. The power of intent cannot be overlooked. Intention in present in every action we take, consciously or not.

Our karma classes take this cause and effect cycle to offer both members and non members access to classes at a lower cost while offering 100% of karma fees collected to local organizations or individuals who could use the help and some good intention.

Throughout the week of February 12-18 yoga studios across Canada are coming together in support of Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC).

Over 10,000 children in Canada are battling cancer in Canada right now, 2 out of 3 survivors will experience side effects through-out their entire life, yet only 5% of all Canadian research dollars are allocated to childhood cancers. Flow for Childhood Cancer  aims to highlight how yoga can fight childhood cancer. In fact, yoga is becoming an increasingly popular tool, backed by scientific research to help childhood cancer patients and survivors manage both their illness and the side effects of treatment. We are officially one of the studio partners across Canada that is using yoga to help fight childhood cancer. Childhood Cancer Canada is committed to helping children with cancer, and their families, through investment in strategic, lifesaving childhood cancer research and empowering education and community programs. By attending our Flow for Childhood Cancer class, you will be funding much needed research and support for the thousands of families desperate for a cure.

You will find a karma class scheduled each day; members can attend as they usually do at no additional charge. All non YP members pay a minimum donation of $10. Be sure to check the online karma schedule as it is subject to change. 


Karma Class Schedule

Sunday  /  4:00-5:00pm  /  Hot Flow

Monday  /  7:00-8:00am  /  Hot Yin Yang  /  6:15-7:00pm  /  Meditation

Tuesday  /  7:00-7:45am  /  Hot Yin Yang

Wednesday  /  7:00-7:45am  /  Hot Yin Yang  /  1:00-1:45pm  /  Late Lunch Meditation

Thursday  /  7:00-7:45am  /  Hot Yin Yang

Friday  /  7:00-8:00am  /  Hot Flow

Saturday  /  4:00-5:00pm  /  Hot Core or Hot Kundalini