Jitendradas Loves-Life

Jitendradas Loves-Life

Jitendra took the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training when he was 19 years old. Shortly after completing the training he moved to Beijing, where he was the resident yoga teacher at a new studio called OmShanti Yoga. He travelled on to India to study yoga therapy in SVYASA University; Tantra with Tantric master Anath K. Atre, and philosophy in a number of ashrams.

Since his journey across India, Jitendra has studied and taught yoga all over the world. He was the founding teacher of Inner Living Yoga and European Spa & Yoga, both in Malaysia and H.Om Yoga in Singapore.

Back in Winnipeg with over 1600 hours of teacher training, countless hours spent in contemplation and meditation, and a lifestyle that revolves around his passion for the yogic experience, Jitendra is finally at peace. 

Yoga is infinite love. Beyond name and form. Beyond thought and imagination. Yoga is the unending summation of the interconnectedness of all creation. It is an honour to meet you here like this.


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