Ida Albo

Ida Albo / Owner

Canada's largest yoga studio started with one small step when Ida rolled out her first yoga mat and began practicing with yoga videos at home. Soon she was practising three to four times a week in a heated studio at Moksha. After about 18 months, she gave Ashtanga a shot at the Winnipeg Yoga Shala and found she loved the efficiency of the style. 

To accommodate a busy schedule, Ida was looking for flexibility in a studio that offered a variety of classes and plenty of them, at convenient hours. And since she's a born entrepreneur, it wasn't long before that proverbial lightbulb clicked. 

She completed a 200-hour teacher training intensive with Saul David Raye in Venice Beach at the Sacred Center for Yoga. 

To Ida, yoga is about calming the mind and feeling great after a class. No matter which style she practices on any given day, she feels it's like going to church for the body. She believes yoga is the perfect compliment to all other forms of physical and spiritual activity, and that philosophy is most present when she's finding complete release in savasana, by far her favourite pose.

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