Hot Yoga

Our hot yoga studio uses far-infrared heat and an intelligent air exchange system which makes the air easily breathable and comfortable without high humidity. Temperature is set to 38 degrees.


Hot Yin

Passive postures held for longer allow for deep opening in the connective tissue of hips, pelvis and spine. When these stretches are held in our infrared hot room the deep opening is intensified. A popular option for tight sore bodies and for beginners, due to the slow pace. 

Hot Yin Yang

Combining yang style postures (strength, balance, heat building) and passive yin style postures held longer, allowing for warming of the muscles and deep opening in the connective tissue of hips, pelvis and spine. A good class choice for beginners, those with limited mobility or injury.

Hot Flow

Use breath as the primary link between integration of body and mind. A cardiovascular practice that will strengthen your body and build technique for safe and fluid transitions between poses. A good base class in preparation for the following hot class options.

Hot Core

How do your centres, both physical and mental, relate to movement and awareness of the rest of the body? We have many centres and there are many connections to be made. Enjoy the exploration of these relationships as each teacher interprets.

Hot Detox

A vigorous, heat building, flowing class. Spinal twists and compressions stoke the metabolism and rid the body of toxins.

Hot Ashtanga

Students are guided through a portion of the Ashtanga Vinyasa series... in the hot room! Breath and posture are linked in a continuous flow or vinyasa, developing internal heat. A strong style of yoga building stamina, strength and flexibility. 

Hot Vinyasa

Inspired by the foundational and advanced postures of Pattabhi Jois and Krishnamacharya, this class provides a rhythmic dance between breath and movement, pose and release. All levels appropriate; disciplined students are drawn to this class.

The set sequence practices arm balancing prep, inversion prep, and a sweet long savasana. Week after week students will experience familiarity and confidence with postures, and internal change in their bodies. In tune with the dedication and progress of students, the sequence will evolve organically.

Hot Power

Challenge yourself with this dynamic flowing class that will introduce more complex poses such as binds, arm balances and inversions. Appropriate if you are physically active and comfortable with basic yoga postures but all levels are welcome - just be sure to take simpler options given and rest when needed.