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studio & common area features

Air Quality
YP has made every effort to ensure the highest indoor air quality possible and has incorporated state of the art technology. Each studio has separate specially engineered environmental control systems designed to optimize humidity and oxygen levels in each studio.

In addition to providing the best air quality, YP has installed Lonseal's Green Air flooring that is low VOC, hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial, and specifically designed for hot and humid environments. The thermal properties of our flooring also accelerate evaporation making our floors virtually slip resistant.

Hot Yoga Heat
The YP is one of a handful of studios in North America that provides far-infrared heat in our hot yoga program. far-infrared heat is absorbed deep in the body (from the inside out) and helps to release toxins, fat, and impurities in the form of sweat providing for an amazing workout. The result is detoxification at a cellular level.

TRX Training Centre
Our exclusive TRX Training Centre has been custom designed to deliver the highest quality TRX experience. Our mirrored studio is equipped with overhead cables and a high-quality surround sound system.

Boutique Studios
We have two boutique studios where we will be offering therapeutic yoga classes, workshops and private sessions. These studios are equipped The Great Yoga Wall™, a floor to ceiling 'prop', that enables you to achieve accurate alignment and muscle memory to maximize your fitness level. The Great Yoga Wall™ was developed by students of Indian yoga innovator B.K.S. Iyengar. Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga that uses props, such as belts and blocks, to help with body alignment during a series of "asanas" or poses.

Lounging and Waiting Areas
A lot of thought and attention went into the layout and optimum flow of our yoga studios. We offer comfortable and entertaining lounging areas with complimentary distilled water and herbal teas.

Spa Amenities
We want your yoga experience to be divine, and as stress free and reinvigorating as possible. As such, we have well equipped men's and women's locker rooms with multiple showers, ample lockers, and changing space to help get you back to work as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.

The change rooms come complete with private chlorine-free rain showers (women's 10, men's 6) and supplemented with shampoo, body wash, and hair conditioner. As well as mirrored stations equipped with ionic blow dryers, ceramic hair straighteners, and body and hair care amenities.

There are 10 women and 6 men showers at YP that will be supplied with hot water from our tankless heaters. Our hot water heaters are 30% more energy efficient and differ from conventional hot water tanks, which store hot water resulting in standby energy losses from dissipated heat.