Personal Training with Angie Pringle

Angie's Services

Unlimited Semi Private Personal Training autopay membership $250/month

-this unique membership gives you access to the unlimited personal training schedule every month. Groups are limited to 6 members to ensure form and performance are always the priority. Join our small tribe of approximately 30-40 members depending on the season and select from up to 40 class options each month. Every session is customized with modifications for pregnancy, injuries or exercise preference. This unique space becomes so very special as our tribe tackles individual fitness goals while ultimately all in pursuit of a common endeavour; finding balance in wellness. Get to know other members with ease and find fitness friends who care about being better one exercise at a time! This membership includes open gym access. Most Pringle P members enjoy using the open gym space as a make up for missed classes. In the case of missed classes, simply text Angie and she will send you a customized work out template to follow and make up the overload on your own time.

Semi-Private Personal Training -starting at $45 per session

-not a small group kinda soul? No problem! Buddy up with another friend or Pringle P tribe member. We always have Pringle P clients willing to share their training time with others looking for wellness support and movement guidance in personal training. Semi- Private training is recommended for the chronologically mature populations along with individuals who prefer training in a quieter environment. The Activ boutique studio is a beautiful space to work out. Semi private personal training is a very affordable option with no commitment and weekly scheduling to accommodate for life and travel and all of the things. This investment has typically left clients feeling a better understanding of their bodies which tends to translate into improvements into their everyday lives.

Questions for Angie? contact@thepringleprescription.com