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personal training with de leo athletics

Giulia De LeoGIULIA DE LEO B. Kin, CSCS, FMS | | 204.899.2915 |
Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor

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Giulia has had a lifelong passion in promoting and living a healthy lifestyle. In 2008 Giulia graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Manitoba, where she excelled as both a student and athlete. Giulia is a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and fitness educator who is known for her fun, dynamic and challenging workouts! She strives to help people of all backgrounds and fitness levels enjoy long, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Giulia is the owner of De Leo Athletics and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, FMS Certified, Qualified TRX Trainer, Certified Power Plate Trainer and Certified Strong First Kettlebell Instructor. Giulia has completed several yoga certifications and incorporates this knowledge into her programming to include proper mobility, stability and recovery as essential elements of a well rounded fitness program.

Giulia has experience working with a broad range of clients through many formats including corporate training, TRX training, boot camps, private and semi-private training, team training, and training elite level athletes in soccer, hockey, football, ballet, cheerleading, baseball and judo as well as training National Hockey League and Canadian Football League athletes and teams – to name a few!

For more information on services, pricing and custom programs, please contact Giulia at or 204-899-2915.

Private and Semi Private Training
Work one-on-one, with a partner or in a small group setting (2-4 people) to get the most out of your workout. The focused instruction will enable you to maximize your efficiency while in the gym. This service is perfect for those wanting more attention and will help to develop a strong technique in a safe and inspiring environment.

Group Training or Boot Camps are an affordable, efficient, motivating, and best of all fun workout system to be a part of. During workouts each participant receives extensive hands on attention with Giulia, as class size is limited. This allows for flexibility, and modification and progressions on an individual basis throughout the program. Maximize results while having fun and progressing in a safe, and educational environment. Group training classes range from boot camps, corporate training, TRX Training, team training, and personalized small group classes. Organize a group of your own friends or colleagues and achieve your fitness goals together!

Corporate Training classes are the perfect way to keep your workforce energized and a great way for employees to have fun while working out together. The corporate training classes can be done over the lunch hour, or before/after the workday. These classes can be customized and can range from an introduction to yoga to a weekly boot camp.

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personal training with the pringle prescription

Angela PringleANGELA PRINGLE B.A., (Kin), CSEP-CPT, FMS, YYT, Pn1
| | 204.227.1374 |
Kinesiologist, Wellness Consultant, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

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Angela studied at the University of Winnipeg and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology & Applied Health. In the same year she completed her Personal Training Certification through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Since graduating, Angela has become a Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS), a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, a Yin Yoga Instructor and taken many related courses. Annually she attends the Manitoba Fitness Council conference locally and travels to the United States for The Perform Better fitness Summit to learn and take notes from the best trainers in the industry.

Angela is the owner and operator of The Pringle Prescription. She offers group programming, private training, and nutrition counselling. She has experience training and programming for national athletes in; synchronized swimming, badminton, and squash. Currently offering athletic programming to; volleyball, tennis and ultimate frisbee athletes.

That said, her primary focus and area of expertise is working with the general population. Her group programming has converted many individuals who didn't participate in athletics at all!! Her movement prescription and training has taken a new shape to fill the roll of an athletic endeavour for many; showing everyone they can create their own 'athletics' through exercise! Her Wellness Consulting combines exercise prescription with nutrition counselling.

In her spare time Angela loves to travel! She has visited Australia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Thailand, Vietnam and Loas. When she isn't travelling she is playing Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, or practising yoga.

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Alex LesiukALEX LESIUK, B.Sc. Exercise Science (Hons), CSCS, FMS, CP1, TRXII | | 204.770.9456
Kinesiologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Alex began his career in coaching in 2008 which included coaching Manitoba's junior tennis players on court and in the gym. In 2013 he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State University in Pueblo where he was on scholarship playing tennis. After college Alex continued playing tennis semi-professionally and has coaching in Winnipeg and Mexico. In 2014 he began full time group, team and personal training. Alex has since been Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, TRX level II trainer, and a Club Pro 1 Coach.

Alex has 4+ years of experience in training tennis, squash, badminton, hockey, and golf athletes in mobility, strength, conditioning, and psychology for sports. More recently he has worked with many people outside of typical competitive athletics who want to improve their health and develop great physiques! He uses many strategies he has learned through his own training, as well as many research and results based techniques to safely get people where they want to go...and fast!

Alex will never turn down a quality cup of coffee, enjoys reading about fitness, nutrition and psychology, and dabbles in guitar in his (infrequent) spare time. Trips to the beach and the mountains are high priority.

Kaitlyn FerensKAITLYN FERENS, B.B.A, Business, CanfitPro, YYT, TRXII, CPPT | | 204.770.9456
The Pringle Prescription Manager of Marketing, Certified Personal Trainer

Kaitlyn has been involved in athletics all her life. She played volleyball, soccer and ringette and went to Nationals for soccer. Growing up with this athletic lifestyle, she found a passion for health and wellness.

Seeking a challenging new workout, Kaitlyn joined Yoga Public in 2012. She loved the approach the studio took by offering challenging TRX classes as well as yoga and restorative options. She has been teaching TRX classes ever since. Her approach is to provide challenging classes with modifications for all fitness levels.

Kaitlyn is a Certified Personal Trainer, Qualified TRX trainer, Certified Power Plate Trainer and has completed several yoga certifications. She is the owner and operator of Kaitlyn Candace Athletics.

Outside of training, Kaitlyn manages Marketing for the Fort Garry Hotel, Ten Spa and The Pringle Prescription. She dedicates the majority of her time to personal and professional development. Her plans are to pursue a Masters degree in Business in the near future.

Craig McFarlaneCRAIG McFARLANE, B.Sc. (Hons), CanfitPro, FMS, DVRT | | 204.891.1085
Certified Personal Trainer, StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor

Craig is a Certified Personal Trainer who has been in the industry for three years. Since becoming a trainer he has been certified in FMS, DVRT sandbag training, and is a StrongFirst certified Kettlebell instructor. He has been invited to be an instructor at StrongFirst certifications.

Craig enjoys training individuals at all fitness levels and is motivated to ensure all his clients reach their goals. His experience is primarily working with the older population towards advanced fitness goals. He also offers programming in the offseason for University basketball players and ultimate frisbee players.

Craig spends most of his free time playing and training for competitive ultimate frisbee and has played at national championships in both the USA and Canada.

Jenn CaseyJENN CASEY, HB-Kin, CSEP-CPT | | 204.299.4490
Kinesiologist, Certified Personal Trainer

At a young age, Jenn was naturally passionate about athletics. Over the years, she has participated in; basketball, ringette, track, soccer and volleyball.

Jenn's interest in sport led her to Lakehead University in Ontario where she accepted a volleyball scholarship and completed an honours degree in Kinesiology.

During Jenn's time volunteering and mentoring in athletics, she found her true passion in personal training. Until recently, her focus has been on the athletic population, she is now looking towards training the general population and encouraging her clients to find their inner athletes. Her objective is to assist all her clients see their true potential through frequent exercise; becoming stronger versions of themselves. She believes that client-trainer teamwork is vital in creating a successful and fun environment for exercise. She is also actively motivated to practice the principles of the Pringle Prescription!

In her spare time, she coaches High School Varsity Girls' volleyball.

Private Training 
Private training is a great option when getting started. Some clients find the combination of private training with group classes to be a good mix. At least one private training session is mandatory before participating in any group program; this session will allow your training to provide a full functional assessment. Inquire with your personal trainer directly or visit the yoga public app to view personal training rates. 

Power Plate Training
This express 30 minute session will leave you feeling like you have worked out for an hour!! This amazing technology has truly given the gift of time. Using the power plate is an effective way of drawing increased circulation, increase muscular contraction and lymphatic drainage throughout your work out. The effect is a challenging and safe sessions for all fitness levels. Each session includes a few minutes of massage in the cool down for restorative purposes which contributes to a decreased delayed muscles soreness. One hour sessions are available upon request.

This booking works wonderfully for groups of 3-5 people. Adding a social component to your work out and committing to others leads to strong results. Working in small groups motivates individuals to push a little harder and can be that powerful commitment to a friend that has you getting to the gym. A group setting creates a team atmosphere among people who share the same priorities for health and wellness. 

Large Group Pringle Prescription Membership & Packages
Our large group programming is our most popular booking! Purchase monthly packages or commit to a month to month autopay contract. All our group classes can be found on the website or the yoga public app by visiting 'The Pringle P'. All our personal training experiences are tailored to the participants registered. This product offers the most variability, allowing you to cancel and reschedule classes within one hour of class start time. Clients with very busy schedules find this product the most flexible. To ensure all clients are receiving adequate cuing and learning the exercises correctly, our capacity is eight participants. Inquire with Angela directly for any questions regarding class descriptions to see which classes are most appropriate for you. Our programming objective is to provide three levels for each exercise, our priority is to ensure all participants feel comfortable and successful within their time spent with us. 

Nutrition Coaching with Angie Pringle
Are you fueling correctly for your classes? In this session we will highlight your current eating habits, review the Precision Nutrition principles, and create new goals for the future. Clients who combine this service with their training see the best results.