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Registered Massage Therapy

Ryan Daniel KuklikRyan Daniel Kuklik

Ryan has been practicing massage therapy since graduating from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2000. He has worked extensively in the spa industry in Winnipeg and abroad and has a dedicated following of 'regulars'.

Ryan's approach to manual therapy is varied depending on the treatment needs of each individual client, recognizing that this adaptation to each persons specific situation and goals is the key to success. He uses deep tissue modalities such as myo-fascial release and structural integration, trigger point therapy, as well as gentler techniques such as joint mobilization and assisted stretching as needed throughout the treatment.

Ryan's sessions are multifaceted. Whether your needs are working through ares of the body that are restricted and causing pain, working to find better performance in activities, furthering your relaxation after a yoga class -or all of the above- you are certain to be happy with Ryan's work.

Ryan is excited to work within the Yoga Public community. Pairing regular massage therapy sessions and Yoga/TRX is a natural fit!

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Ryan's Services
60 min Therapeutic Massage $85
90 min Therapeutic Massage $128
120 min Therapeutic Massage $170

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Ryan Daniel KuklikCraig Harren RMT, RST  

Craig is a Remedial Massage Therapist, Registered Shiatsu Therapist and certified Ashtanga yoga instructor by David Swenson in Vancouver (2001), Yoga Dot Calm in Calgary (2005) and The Winnipeg Yoga Shala (2008). A dedicated family man with a wife and three boys, Craig finds balance in life through his own yoga practice and brings compassion, warmth and natural healing to his massage clients and yoga students.

I base my massage practice on my understanding of the amazing things that Ashtanga yoga does to put the body into alignment. From time to time, going through the regular process of the Mysore style of Ashtanga yoga practice can cause us to experience pain or discomfort due to painful stretching of scar tissue or bones not moving through their proper range of motion, which in turn causes the nervous system to tighten the muscles. Using osteokinematic principles of basic joint movements (e.g., extension, flexion, adduction, abduction and rotation), I analyze the alignment of the bones and scars to get the nervous system to relax, thereby reducing and relieving pain.

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Craig's Services
15 min Massage $25
60 min Massage $80

Treatments include the use of ostio-kinematic principles to line the bones up and assess tissue damage. When the bones are lined up and tissue is treated the nervous system has a chance to relax. You will come out of the treatment rested, relaxed and in line.

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